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Looking for stories

I’m considering writing a book on atheism. Yes, there are others out there, but this one would be slightly different.  I’d like to see about getting stories from people who were previously religious, and would like to tell how they came to see their way out of religion.  Think there’d be any interest in this? And would anyone here be interested in contributing?

My thought for how I’d like to approach the book is as if a believer came to you and asked why you left the faith.  What started the crack in your thinking?  What evidence (or lack thereof) opened it, and caused you to break away from all you were raised up in, and indoctrinated in since childhood?

Send me a message and let me know if you’d be interested in telling your story!  I look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome.  That’s a word that atheists hear that often.  Not in politics.  Not in the news.  Not in many families.  Not in many groups.  But on this site, you are welcome.

A little about myself.  I’m a former christian, born and raised in New Brunswick.  Growing up, I would hand out those infamous Chix Trax and little bibles in the school yard.  Yes, I was that kid.  I went to church every Sunday.  In college, I was conflicted, having started to study science.  I went to bars at nights, and church on Sundays.  After college, I put myself wholly into religion, even considering going to bible school to become a youth pastor.  I married a christian woman, but slowly started to have what the religious call a “crisis of faith”.  Also known as “beginning to think”.

Eventually, reason shone through.  I realized that every religion in the world had the exact same amount of evidence to support it.  I read stories that the bible stole from – the Epic of Gilgamesh, for instance – and started to see through the veil that had been laid over me since childhood.

Soon enough I realized that I simply didn’t believe.  I was – I AM – an atheist.