So who am I? Well, I’m an atheist. In Nova Scotia. Thus the title.

More details? Ok, read on.

I am originally from New Brunswick, born and raised in a household with everyone but one parent being christian. I worked as a summer counsellor at a christian camp, went to church dutifully, and considered going to bible college to become a minister.

Thankfully, I was able to read history and science books, which helped show me that there are other religions, and there was equal evidence for each – that evidence being none. Science’s explanations are provable, testable, and reliable. Religion falls flat on each of those.

While I was learning these things, I married the love of my life, a woman who was raised in a conservative christian home, attended a christian school, and then a super-conservative christian university. While she knows that I’m no longer a believer, her family doesn’t, and I can’t be outwardly state it. Why? Because I believe that her family will preach warnings, put pressure on her, berate her, and make her life miserable overall, instead of simply talking to me, listening, and respecting my lack of belief.

So here I am. My blog is my talking of things that I can’t say otherwise. Any thoughts, insights, or suggestions will be accepted.

And as one atheist to another….thanks for being here.


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