When Death Calls

Today’s one of two hard days of the year for me.  Two years ago today, I lost a dear friend – my father-in-law.

Unlike some people, I actually got along with my father-in-law.  He and I would have long conversations, discussing everything from family, politics, and religion.  When I first met him, his family was deeply religious (and still is).  I was also a strong believer at the time, but began to shed that over the years.

What makes his passing hard is knowing that I’ll never have the opportunity to engage with him again.  To sit and talk.  To joke.  To vent.  To bond.  He was a strong male figure in my life.

As a believer, I had the “knowledge” that I would be able to see my loved ones again.  Now I have the harsh reality of knowing that won’t happen.

The thing is, that doesn’t make me sad.  It makes me cherish all the time I have with people all the more, knowing that at any time, this could be the last time I see them.  I make the point of being at peace about it.

And I am.

When I was in the faith, it was a common thing to hear things like “he’s in a better place”, or “he’s up there now, giving god a good laugh”.

While I miss him dearly, I will always smile when I think of our talks, and remember all the time that we had together.


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