Deliver us from God’s love

I’d like to share this interesting article from a different site. Enjoy.

Pierwiastek Zła

[Polska wersja]
One of the lines that we atheists happen to be thrown at quite often is “You haven’t experienced God’s love!” or “You will get to experience the hand of god and then you will know!”. Which are in fact simple and simplistic threats, nothing more. And we need to be aware of that. The person saying this might be (although usually is not) doing it in good will, but that doesn’t change the fact of it being a threat.

So it’s worth pointing it out to the Catholics/Christian:
– Do you really think threatening me will make me believe your God?

After all – in most cases I had to deal with it was either with a solid dose of condescension or even spite – for not believing something so obvious as ‘my beloved Creator’ and stating those offending words of him not existing.

It feels like they…

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